Cana's Feast - Update October 2012

  • Date October 14, 2012
Much to my disappointment in visiting the winery this past week (last there was dining on my birthday in September 2011), the winery looks as if they fired their groundskeeper.  Every plant was dead or dried up, and you'd think this was a foreclosed property and abandoned in some ways by the look of things!  "What happened" I kept asking myself, as this winery has always been outstanding including their wines.  Their chef I learned left last year (and perhaps it went downhill from there), and so they have also closed the Cucina. They pour wines now where the restaurant used to be, and even inside I was surprised how "disarry" things were.  I am not this negative normally in my reviews, but seriously, I will now be careful when sending guests there to "proceed with caution" as their wines are still delicious, but winery not so spectacular any more.  Kristen