Durant Vineyards

  • Date September 03, 2012
Durant has a new and beautiful tasting room, and located in one of the best areas in Dayton (just past Sokol Blosser on Hwy 99).  Durant is surrounded by these wineries--Vista Hills, Winters Hill, De Ponte, White Rose, Domaine Serene and Drouhin--one could spend a day just tasting on this hill.  Durant has outdoor seating to enjoy the views, and if you are so inclined, bring a lunch with you (however, in late August we brought lunch and many bees joined us--not fun).  Durant features different winemakers who make their wine but they grow their own grapes on the estate (like Bella Vida Vineyards model).  Their wines seem to be more dry to my palette, and feature Pinot Gris, Noir and Rose for tasting.  Durant Vineyards owns Red Ridge Farms which is a short walk next door with herbs, plants, garden accessories and more for sale.  Red Ridge Farms is known for making olive oil, so for something different and fun, walk to Red Ridge Hills for a yummy olive oil tasting after wine tasting (or vice versa!).  Open Tuesday-Sunday, 9am to 5pm. Kristen