Van Duzer Vineyards

  • Date August 26, 2012
Beautiful winery with miles of views to enjoy while sipping wine, Van Duzer Vineyards is about 5 miles outside of Amity heading south on Hwy. 99 to Salem.  They have a wide selection of wines including Pinot noir, Gris, Rose, Rieslings, Port and even a Cabernet.  You can find some of their wines at grocery stores as well.  The wines are exquisite and more expensive, but worth the trip.  So, if you are heading south and you plan to visit Coehlo, Bethel Heights and Left Coast Cellars, make sure you don't miss Van Duzer on this trip.  They are a little more off the beaten path up a long gravel road, but the day we visited the winery was full of club members picking up wine (so they do drive out there to get it!).  So bring a lunch with you, or stop in downtown Amity first to the quaint Amity Food & Coffee house to pick up some edibles to enjoy with a bottle of Van Duzer wine (or any of these wineries mentioned above--Left Coast Cellars also has a cafe inside it).   Kristen & Dan