August 27, 2011

White Rose Wines

In my opinion this winery probably has the best views...almost a 360 degree view of Yamhill and surrounding valleys.  Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helen can be seen on a clear day (bottom photo I took had a haze covering Mt. Hood).  White Rose Wines have excellent wines.  Last night they hosted an industry event so we could taste their 2009 releases.  The winemaker, Jesse, poured the wines as we were surrounded by large stainless steel vats in the cellar below ground.  We also took a look at their new updated tasting room (no windows though--can you believe that!) and is simple but nice.  White Rose is open 10-5pm daily, and has a $10 tasting fee.  My favorite wine was their $30 bottle 2009 White Rose Estate "Willamette Valley" Pinot Noir.  We tasted a $90 bottle of Pinot noir, but between the two, I liked the $30 bottle just as much  :)