November 9, 2010

Coehlo Winery

Coehlo Winery is located in dowtown Amity, which is a small town located a few miles south of McMinnville. The tasting room is a large, craftsman style building, with a beautiful extended wine bar to sit and sip your wines.  People can rent this tasting room for a party or event, and I would think it would be a fun place to hold one here. They showcase a variety of wines (below), and out of them all I enjoyed the 2008 Syrah the best. They served bread with a yummy cheese with your tastings, which is a nice bonus as most wineries do not offer this treat.  Here's the wines and flight pricing below.  Kristen & Dan

White and Rosé Tasting Flight $5
2009 Renovação Pinot Gris, 2008 Apreciação Chardonnay and 2009 Divertimento Pinot noir Rosé

2008 Red Tasting Flight $10
2008 Estate Paciência Pinot noir, 2008 Tradição red wine, 2008 Espontâneo Maréchal Foch and
2008 Antecipação Petite Sirah

Port-Style Tasting $6
2007 Aventura Portuguese Varietal Dessert Wine and 2006 Serenidade Maréchal Foch Dessert Wine

November 8, 2010

Stoller Vineyards

Dan and I stopped in this weekend to taste at Stoller Vineyards.  The views were beautiful (a double rainbow appeared on the property while there, just magnificent, and everyone got their cameras out!).  The tasting room is small for how big the winery is it seemed, but the staff were nice with smiles!  They were featuring four wines to taste, two Chardonnay's--one Chardonnay fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks, and the other in oak barrels. I tend to prefer stainless steel Chardonnay's better than oak, but I liked the oak-aged one better this time. 

The other two wines featured were Pinot Noir's, and we bought their $25 dollar 2007 JV Estate Pinot Noir.  Here's the description from Stoller's website: "Beautifully ripe and brimming with sweet cherry and berry flavors coupled with earth and spice, the JV Estate is an elegant, spicy Pinot Noir in an extremely approachable style."

The oversized windows in the tasting room showcase their vineyards on the hill. The wines are good and the views memorable. You'll want to stop in.  Kristen & Dan